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"I dag er lørdag og i morgen er søndag."

Translation:Today is Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday.

September 28, 2014



I think Rebecca Black wrote this sentence.


I am hearing a difference between a day said without an ø and one said with it. For example, tirsdag sounds like "tee-us-day", with an open 'a' sound at the end, but when there is an 'ø', the 'a' at the end sounds cut off (i.e. 'lørdag' sounds like "leor-duh"). Is this how an ø is supposed to affect the word, or is it pronounced differently?


This is not quite proper Danish. A Dane would say "I dag er det lørdag og i morgen er det søndag" which also can be translated to English "Today it is Saturday and tomorrow it is Sunday".


Are you sure for tomorrow that it will not change ?


Wow I just looked this up at Ordnet, and does it really come from 'bath day', or have I translated that wrong?


Og i går var fredag.


Tomorrow is.... I speak Spanish and french and maybe my english and danish ortography is not well. But i think "Tomorrow will be Saturday. :/


"Tomorrow will be Sunday" is possible too. By the way, in Spanish perfectly we can say Mañana es domingo.

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