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  5. "Ma non è così."

"Ma non è così."

Translation:But this is not true.

June 9, 2013



How is this "true" Wouldn't we need vero somewhere in the sentence?


i think it's more of an idiom


Grazie. I wish Duolingo explained things like this


they should write next to idioms- an idiom


I really do not know how Duolingo came out with this translation. "But, it is not like this", "But, it is not this way" makes more sense.


"It is not so." kind of equals "it is not true."


I suppose you could say "But it is not so" in English.


They wouldn't let me say "it". The "correct" translation was said to be "But this is not true" or "not so".


In other sentences 'cosí' was translated as 'like this'. Could this meaning possibly work in this case too?


I just saw in another discussion thread that ma cannot start the sentence...can someone please tell me are there any differences between ma and però? Grazie


Search 'Ma versus Però' in Duolingo Discussions. f.formica is a moderator and you can rely on his advice.


Another example of DL's interpretive approach. The literal translation (But, this is not so) can be interpreted as 'But, this is not true." I think folks would be less confused if DL's early lessons addressed vocabulary and later on go into idiomatic/informal/conversational usages. I can't wait to see if a lesson translation will have "In bocca al lupo;" literally "in the wolf's mouth," but is a colloquialism for "Good Luck" (which is needed trying to figure out some of the DL translations!).


Is "But it is not true." wrong (it was not accepted)?


I wrote "But it is not true" and it was wrong. Where in the sentence should I have seen that non è means "this is not" and not "it is not"?


Haha I wasnt sure what he speaks and wrote "mano ne cosi" And it was marked as correct :) Imagine my confusion when I saw translation xD couple minutes took me to see what the italian sentence really was


If we are learning it should be more accurate and not an idiom.
Ma non è così = But it is not so, Ma non è vero = But is not true.
Learning can be hard enough without making it more so... :)


this iis an inapt lesson


On the translation said "like this" for "cosi" and they want "true"

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