"She cooks the food."

अनुवाद:वह खाना बनाती है।

September 28, 2014

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Sometimes the duolingo asks for word to word translation and sometimes doesn't. There should be a fixed rule. In some case the duolingo does so because its necessary since we cannot translate a word to word and sometimes its hard too to give meaning to a sentence in such cases we go for near meaning to the respective word because onething available in one language may not be available in other language.

for e.g.,Good evening has no word to word translation in spanish but its buenas noches =good night)or buenas mas tardes= good late afternoon.

But in this available sentence "She cooks the food" correct translation is "वह खाने को पकाती है". which equals to "वह खाना पकाती है।". को works similar to 'the' in english language. (पकाना=to cook)

Whereas "वह खाना बनाती है" translates to "she makes the food" Or "she prepares the food". (बनाती =............).

I would like a counter comment.


वह खाना पकाती है यह सही होना चाहिए


हाँ, "वह खाना पकाती है" भी मान्य है :)


थैंक्स, मेरा जवाब सही था


वह खाना परोसती है ???


परोसना = to serve.


हैं और है मे क्या फ्रक है?


"Banathi" means "makes"

"Khana" means "dinner"

This sentence should be "She makes dinner" and that sounds better than the answer used here.

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