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"En mus gemmer sig fra børnene."

Translation:A mouse is hiding from the children.

September 28, 2014



Why do we need the 'sig'?


It is a transitive verb in Danish.


'Fra' sounds more like 'efrat'


I wrote "a mouse hides themselves from the children" i kinda feel this should be correct too :(


You might have been able to translate the right idea, but the sentence is incorrect. 1st) "A mouse" and "themselves" is contradictory. One is singular, the other plural. 2) You're adding words. Themselves would be "dem selv" i believe. Sig is itself, singular.

This is a 4 month old comment so I know you know this already, figured for anyone else reading.


Would "hides himself" have been correct?


I wish duo would have a section for this on why gemmer sig is used. Kaler på, etc. makes no sense for a non native. luckily my wife is danish and can explain, but would be much easier with a quick written part of why.


Why isnt "a mice" accepted?


Because thats improper grammar. Mice is plural and "a" is singular, there is a contradiction.


Would EN MUS GEMMER FRA BØRNENE be incorrect? Is SIG necessary? Mange tak for dit svar.


"Sig" is necessary.

To hide = At gemme sig

I hide = Jeg gemmer mig

You hide (sing.) = Du gemmer dig

He/she/it hides = Han/hun/den gemmer sig

We hide = Vi gemmer os

You hide (pl.) = I gemmer jer

They hide = De gemmer sig

You hide (formal) = De gemmer Dem


"For" should be used instead of "fra", in my opinion. I have never heard anyone say "gemmer sig fra", I have only heard "gemmer sig for"

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