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Working my way through the tree

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I took Spanish in school for 10 years, and I decided to take German this year. I joined Duolingo in 7th grade to practice my Spanish, but I had never got through the tree. My grandfather is fluent in Spanish, and I had him help me on the placement test, but we didn't get very far doing that; I only got about halfway down the tree when I knew more. On Friday I decided to restart my tree and work my way through from the beginning. I really want to complete the tree and have that accomplishment under my belt. I've gone through the first part of the tree, up to the first checkpoint, and I plan to go through the second part today. If I have some free time after school on Monday, I'll try to go up to the third checkpoint if I can. After the third checkpoint, some concepts that I don't know yet are introduced, but I know the verb skills towards the end, so it's mainly just vocabulary that I need to learn. I decided to go through the tree from the beginning because I really need to practice, I just don't remember much. I'm really excited to finish this, and I'm hoping I'll learn some things along the way and become more confident with my Spanish!

3 years ago

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Cool! I only do a lesson a day of everything besides French (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese) but I'm at the same level as you. I think that will change soon, though!

3 years ago