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Correcting flashcards? (Es: cita)

This has probably been discussed before, so apologies. I did try to search the forums.

Do the flashcards have a "report a problem" feature that I'm just not seeing? I got one that I think might be straight-up wrong. It's certainly wrong given my Duolingo history (what words I've learned so far), and it's not just a multi-meaning word taken out of context.

I got "cita," which is "appointment" in Spanish, and SpanishDict.com agrees. Duolingo said it was "he/she/it incites."

  1. Why would Duolingo expect an answer I've never been shown? I've learned "cita" means "appointment," I've never learned the word for "incite."

  2. According to SpanishDict.com, "incitar" is never conjugated to "cita." And "citar" means "to quote, to arrange a meeting."

Does anyone have any updates on how to alert Duo to errors in the flashcards? I suppose I could just send a troubleshooting error.

Could "cita" EVER mean "he incites"? Is there a way to slice it in which Duo is right, albeit developmentally inappropriate?

September 28, 2014


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