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Online Chat Box for Dutch learners! It's free!

Since some other Duolingo members created a chat box for other languages, I gave it a shot for all you who aspire to master the beautiful Dutch language! I am a native speaker, so please feel free to join, ask and spread the word!

It's free of course (as we Dutchies love)! No need to sign up for anything. Please do use your Duolingo name, so we can connect on both platforms!


Hope to see you there! :D

September 28, 2014



Thanks for taking this initiative! I think it is a great idea.


Thanks for setting this up. I just stopped by and had a brief chat in Dutch with Simius, one of the mods, which was great, as it was the first time I've communicated in Dutch (excepting http://www.cleverbot.com/). Mostly we talked about stuff like how mijn beer drinkt bier, but it's a start!


Bedankt PapahotelR . That was great help, well explained.


Thank you! Since I had only one lesson , I can not thank you in Dutch. Jalleh


Cool, no problem! For learning purposes, you can say either:

dankjewel (informal); dankje (very informal, short for dankjewel); dankuwel (formal); dank u (formal, short for dankuwel) OR; bedankt (like thanks, both formal and informal).

hope this helps!


I think this is a great idea but I think I saw this post too late


Hey epl96. What makes you think that? Feel free to join now! :)


wow i may need to check this out when im more awake!


This is the most shady website I have seen in a while.

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