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[ Feature Request ] -- Retype wrong answers

I work in the education field, and one of the things we try to implement with our students is the concept of 'every sequence ends with you getting the right answer' ( or at least as much as we have time for! ). To wit-- if we're doing a spelling bee game and you spell your word wrong, you sit down -- but once someone spells it right, I'm coming back to you and asking you to repeat the right answer.

Why not add this to Duolingo? If I type a wrong answer, make me re-type the right answer to reinforce it. I can't for the life of me remember the french word for 'coat', because I keep typing it wrong and... that's it. I'm never forced to type it correctly, I just keep getting it wrong.

June 9, 2013

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I'm not sure Duolingo does it intentionally, but I think they do. In my experience, if I've missed a word, it keeps popping up in various formats until I start getting it right.

So, if I couldn't figure out how to spell the word "abrigo" (Spanish for coat), it will show up in various forms until I understand, i.e. as pictures, as translation, etc.

So, although it does not force you to correct your work, I do believe Duolingo does track your errors and has you practice the troublesome areas more.

Personally, if I find myself making a lot of errors, I start writing down the correct answers.

Maybe, Duolingo could make an option for having one correct one's own errors. but, honestly, I think they already do this. It's just not obvious.

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