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Possibility of chosing types of exercises.

I would like to be able to choose the percentage of tye types of exercises I do. Since my passive knowledge ot the lang I am learning (French) is much better than my writing skills, I am much more interested in writing exercises in French than in translating into English. However I have the feeling that most of the exercises are of this second type, which are useless to me. Is there a way of tweaking this to my advantage?

June 9, 2013



I would also like to have this option. I read Spanish relatively easily, I struggle with translating into Spanish from English. I wish I could have entire lessons where I have to translate into Spanish. I feel like too often I only get 3 or 4 chances to do this during a lesson, and I don't feel like that is enough to reinforce the grammar I'm struggling with.


Some users came up with a work around to this problem a while ago. Go to settings, and select the option "I know french, I want to learn english".

But am still hoping they give us the option to choose exercise type soon


That would be excellent. I will try it and let you know if it works. Thanks a lot!!


Oh, but then I would be taking the English course...


That is what I am doing, Also, it is interesting to me, that I have found the French course to word the phrases a bit differently than they do in the English course. So I learn a different way to say the same thing. I think it is very helpful.


I was wondering what I may have done wrong. I started spanish,I really like it but it throws you right Into a lesson says what is this word in english? Or this sentance, I have no clue haven't seen the word before and do not want to guess and get it wrong etc. Through the whole lesson to have to do it again hoping I have rememberd them now. Plus it makes you think but sometimes I am lucky to get the translation but if you spelll it wrong it also goes against you. Did not know that would have wrote them down.

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