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"The judge says it is not legal."

Translation:Dommeren siger det ikke er lovligt.

September 28, 2014



I will just like to point the fact that IKKE comes before ER in this sentence because it's a subordinate sentence.


Is this the only change in sentence structure in Danish subordinates?


So just like in Swedish then. Would it be possible to say the sentence without 'att' på svenska? 'Hon säger det inte är lagligt'?


Is it common (and really correct) to say it like this, without 'at' (at det ikke er lovligt)? I could understand this: Dommeren siger: det er ikke lovligt.


Although if you were writing a formal paper, I would recommend having the at in there. But in everyday speech I think it's perfectly fine to leave it out here


Danes don't like to use colons and semi-colons

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