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"We hebben hem naar het vliegveld gebracht."

Translation:We have taken him to the airport.

September 28, 2014



I really enjoy seeing where so many English words come from through doing this course, like "brought"

[deactivated user]

    So, vliegveld does not also translate as airfield?


    it can be "vliegveld" as well as "luchthaven", but not airfield :-)


    There is a distinction in English between an airport and an airfield. It would appear that the direct translation of vliegveld is not accepted.

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    Airfield and aerodrome should be accepted as translations for vliegveld.

    I would not like to see someone try to land an A380 at an airfield.


    I am going crazy with the "we" and "wij"..... does it really matter if I wrote "wij" here and the rest were all correct?


    Because it has a location (het vliegveld), shouldn't it be "Wij ZIJN hem naar her vliegveld gebracht"? Still trying to get a grasp on this hebben/zijn...


    No it has nothing to with location. "Wij hebben hem naar het vliegveld gebracht" = "We have taken him to the airport".

    And to give an example with "zijn": "Wij zijn door hem naar het vliegveld gebracht" = "We have been taken to the airport by him"

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