"Who had asked this question?"

Translation:Chi aveva fatto questa domanda?

June 9, 2013

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Perché non possiamo usare "chiesto"?


Chiedere takes the requested thing or information as direct object; as such, it often translates "to ask for", and it can be used for "to ask an information". However, a question is not something you request, it's something you say to make a request; this meaning isn't covered by chiedere, and instead you have you use either fare or porre.


Me too, but does that mean that Duo is wrong here?


Yeah, I removed it from the accepted answers.


Are you going to update the hover hints also?


To some extent; the hints are associated to the words, not the sentence, and "asked" does normally mean "chiesto"; I added "fatto ... domanda" as "asked ... question", but that is misleading in its own right, because "fare domanda" without any specification means "submitting a request". There's only so much we can teach with hints.


Why can't I have .. chi ha fatto questo domanda ??? Instead of chi aveva fatto questo domanda..


Because it is 'who had asked this question' not 'who has asked this question'. Subtle, but different.


Your answer was probably declined because you used "questo" instead of "questa" Unfortunately when your answer deviates from one of the correct answers by just one character, DL does not highlight it. If the correct answer displayed is a different one, this might lead you to think that something else in your answer is wrong. This is my number one complaint with DuoLingo


Past participle of "porre,"' to put or to place. As in to put a question or to pose a question.


I never heard of the word either


I used "aveva domandato" and was not accepted. care to explain?


I think you have to use fare with una domanda, not sure how domandare works in this context. I guess the fact that there was a specific question, ie this question means you need to use the noun question


There's a difference in meaning. 'Domandare' could mean 'demand' or 'request'.


So basically, "Who had made/done this question"


Good explanation from f.formica in past comments. four to six years ago.


i also thought it was chiesto


how would you ask "who had been asked this question?" (ie who had been the recipient of the question, rather than the asker)


It would be "A chi era stata fatta questa domanda?" (passive); the impersonal subject could work as well but it would feel a bit awkward: "A chi si era fatta questa domanda?"


I don't understand why "chi ha fatto questo domanda" wasn't accepted. When I was taught the trapassato prossimo in a formal Italian class, I was told it can only be used in relation to other verbs/actions. I don't understand why it's considered mandatory here.


"ha" = has, "aveva" = had. And "domanda" is feminin so you need questA.


aveva chiesto? perche no?


This whole transitive/intransitive thing will be the death of me yet. I assume that asking something must be transitive since we use 'avere'? I would have never guessed that. Is there another way to figure this out?


curious as to why this answer was incorrect: chi hai chiesta questa domanda


it's incorrect for a few reasons: 'hai' = 'you have' in the present tense - you require third person imperfect form of 'avere' here as the subject is 'chi' = 'who'. Strangely, you don't use 'chiedere' to ask a question, you have to use 'fare' or 'porre'.


I clicked the wrong button!!! halfway through the correct answer. pathetic. 09.01.21


I thought I could use "ha fatto", but was judged incorrect


'chi aveva domandato questa domanda?' is this a possible translation?


I think in Italian 'Domandare' is more like 'Demand' than 'Ask'. I'm not 100% certain though.


No, for "demand" we use "pretendere", e.g. "I demand an explanation" / "pretendo una spiegazione". But it works grammatically: you demand an answer, not a question, so in Italian you can "chiedere/domandare una risposta", but to ask a question you use either "fare" (more common and colloquial) or "porre" (more formal). E.g. "Ti ho fatto una domanda: ti ho chiesto se hai fame" / "I asked you a question: I asked if you're hungry".


What's wrong with "Che aveva posto..."


Sinceramente da italiano, io penso che 'Chiesto', sia giusto e non solo penso che la migliore versione della frase sia "Chi fece questa domanda?".


to ask is chiedere, so chi aveva chiesa should be accepted

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