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DuoLingo as a refresher

Hello, I learned to speak Spanish in Mexico pretty well and now just use DuoLingo to keep my Spanish solid. Do you think this website is good for learning and refreshing?

June 9, 2013



Definitely. Just practising all skills is a good start.


Definitely. I am using it to refresh my French learnt many years ago at school. I never learnt to type in French so I think that will be useful as well. I do think you need to use other resourses as a 2000 word vocabulary is pretty small.


Thank you guys ;)


This website is great for refreshing! Why wouldn't it be? It presents basics, but allows one to feel the edge of saying and spelling everything correctly. I think it's great for learning how to spell before learning how to speak.


Yep just do a lot of practise and you will soon know how to say anything in spanish well not anything but a lot :)


yes, i think so

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