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DuoLingo as a refresher

Hello, I learned to speak Spanish in Mexico pretty well and now just use DuoLingo to keep my Spanish solid. Do you think this website is good for learning and refreshing?

June 9, 2013



Definitely. Just practising all skills is a good start.


Definitely. I am using it to refresh my French learnt many years ago at school. I never learnt to type in French so I think that will be useful as well. I do think you need to use other resourses as a 2000 word vocabulary is pretty small.


Thank you guys ;)


This website is great for refreshing! Why wouldn't it be? It presents basics, but allows one to feel the edge of saying and spelling everything correctly. I think it's great for learning how to spell before learning how to speak.


Yep just do a lot of practise and you will soon know how to say anything in spanish well not anything but a lot :)


yes, i think so


it absolutely is! I mean , well you can review your vocabulary anytime you want and it takes you quizzes from the old words , also it gives you the opportunity to listen , write and speak at the same time! best website ever


Mostly to get vocabulary and the clarification for Grammar, specially in German is kick-ass. I don´t see how you could learn to SPEAK the language only with Duolingo, but with loads of conversational hours instead. That´s a problem DuoLingo isn´t solving, but I am not saying you should jump onto this one either. I am very happy with DuoLingo as a refresher tool, it´s 10 out of 10 for that!


Yeah I've been taking spanish for years in school and DuoLingo helps me refresh old words, work on my spelling and learn a few new words too.


It's a good grammar and spelling refresher, though I wish the shortcuts could let you skip ahead a bit more specifically -- if I already am familiar with all the grammar in a section but fail because I didn't know a couple of words (or spelled them wrong), or vice versa, I still may have to go through multiple grammar sections of stuff I already know in order to access what I actually need to review. I'm a bit sad, though, that the course doesn't go further -- it's a very addictive format, and the skill tree layout would be great for expanding vocabulary according to your interests. Of course anyone who finishes the whole course is probably ready to start reading the texts in the Immersion section, but that one isn't nearly as customized to my individual level and interests (being able to browse by categories is a good start, but only a start. I would also like to see an option for the submitter and or site users to rate articles by difficulty level.)

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