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Is this possible?

Can anyone tell me what's up with this Heidimerino guy? He's close to reaching 100,000 coins... How is this even possible?

June 9, 2013



Why not? The number of points is not limited in any way, everything you earn is yours :-)


Dang, this guy really is bound to this website haha.


What I don't understand is that he's only got 1735 words - I myself have 1848 French words although I've only got 5621 French points. I guess there is a maximum of words counted by Duolingo, and maybe these are fewer for Spanish than for French.


You understand it very well. A user's amount of points is also not limited by the amount of lessons completed as points can be earned through translation and practice as well.


He must have met tons more words than I through all the translation he does, but well, it makes sense that Duo stops counting somewhere. You don't get over level 25 and now we know you can't get more than 1735 Spanish words either - it's only the points that go on and on.


Unless new words and lessons are added.


Some of my friends have passed me in the amount of lessons they've covered, but are far behind on coins. I practice a lot, and move through lessons slowly. This guy seems to practice a lot.


Well in my country we call it hacking the game :) I don't know how the JSON is handled server side, but I don't think it's flawless :p


And that exactly was my thought!


If you earn an average of 300 points every day for a year, you'll get over 100,000 points. I used to do at least 100 every day for several months before the translation section was canceled, and I got 40k that way.

I can definitely see how someone with more free time would triple that.

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