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  5. "How is he?"

"How is he?"

Translation:Conas atá sé?

September 29, 2014



"Cad é mar atá sé?" should be accepted


Are atá and tá interchangeable here? I had learned "Conas tá tú" was ok in Bitesize Irish.


I think I must have a malfunction on this. I must be at too high a level because its intriducing all sorts of stuff I have never seen as a beginner and hints are obscure/non-existent/apparently wrong to me as a complete beginner


Anyone else having serious pronunciation issues at this point or is it just me?


How long have you been studying? After a while you begin to notice the patterns. Maybe English pronunciation is interfering? Try to forget English and push your brain into accepting for example, that 'teach' (house) is 'chack'.If you like, I can send you a video showing the patterns. It's a little complicated but consistent and if you keep studying it for say 10 minutes and then do your Duolingo lesson, you might find yourself beginning to get it


The hint says "an", not "atá"


If you see a mistake, it's best to report it so the contributors can edit it.


The option to report was not available.


What is the difference between sé and é?


They both mean the same thing. If I remember correctly sé is used directly after a verb, and é in other cases. Maybe smeone else can clarify better.

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