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  5. "Ela corta as batatas."

"Ela corta as batatas."

Translation:She cuts the potatoes.

June 9, 2013



i do not feel that having 'the' when translating back into English is entirely necessary


Hey Mateusmatt! I think it might not be accepted because duolingo seems to prefer the closest translation. The "as" is not entirely necessary in Portuguese either, but since they included the "as", the word "the" is necessary because it changes the meaning, even if slightly:

"Ela corta as batatas" = She cuts the potatoes
"Ela corta batatas" = She cuts potatoes

See what I mean? Can I just say that every language I know have nailed the word "potato" as a perfect word for the food. It seems it is adorable everywhere. =)


Yes, the slight difference is:

She cuts potatoes (she is a potato cutter)

She cuts the potatoes (she has some potatoes and she is cutting them)


I think there's a meaning difference, here you have "as" and "the" in both language, they may refer to definite potatoes. What is doing Jena? She is cutting the potatoes (the potatoes I bought)

So, you can't translate it in this case without the articles.


i am frustrated with this accent of Ele and Ela...I swear I heard ele...


Hey, MelissaLai!

I recently described the é sound in ELA (é-lah) as the a in mattress (American English), and the ê sound in ELE (ê-lee) as the "e" in begin. Or something like that.

This is how Brazilian Portuguese speakers easily tell them apart--by the sound of the first "e" in ele or ela (and not by the last letter, since it isn't clear in speech). I can't guarantee that the robot would say it correctly (especially in turtle speed), but I hope it helps! =]


Well, I guess there's a mistake here. If you play the fast version it says "Ela" but if you play the slow version it says "Ele"


It is pronounced "Ela cortas batatas" is this correct?


If it is said fast, we say that this way :)


I got it wrong for putting "She cut the potatoes" which would make just as much sense as if you said "She cuts the potatoes" right?

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The issue is not "Does it make sense?" It does. The issue is "Is this an appropriate translation?" It's not, because you're putting it into the past tense when it should be in the present tense.


Thank you! Yeah I guess I didn't take into account of the action being done now rather than past tense haha


Just to double check, corta doesn't mean peel?


Where I'm from in Brazil, peel is descascar, and cut is cortar. =)


to peel = descarcar.


I guess it doesnt accept "taters" hahah


What is this colloquialism for "potatoes" is from?

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It's the progression of a dialect, which some people like to use just to be funny.

potato --> /pə'teitoʊ/ --> /pə'teitə/ --> /pə'teitəɹ/ --> /'teitəɹ/ --> tater



Also seen Spuds-U-Like - maybe related to the "spud(d)" = spade you need to dig the potatoes up?


You mean the proof has long been eaten? But thank you Rae.F for the links.

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