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Hangs on last question

I get to the last question. I have hearts left. Great! I hit check after providing a correct answer to the last question, but no matter, as I have hearts left. Then Duolingo hangs. The first time it did this it remained in that state for much much longer than a network latency delay. Over half an hour. The second time there was a message at the bottom that it was re-establishing contact. Indeed after a couple of minutes the homepage appeared, but duolingo did not give credit for the lesson.

September 29, 2014



Periodically having exactly the same problem with Safari. After the last question is answered, "Continue" button becomes "Check" and disabled, and nothing happens (progress icon in "Duolingo" logo is also not rotating), credit for the lesson is lost. Very irritating.


Maybe the problem is with your browser. I'm using Chrome and it's perfectly fine.

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