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"Jouw naam was een mislukking."

Translation:Your name was a failure.

September 29, 2014



I'm wondering if this sentence springs from a Dutch expression that doesn't translate. Otherwise, the sentence verges on nonsensical. And I'm fine with sentences such as "his grandfather was a sheep."


It might refer to the name of a product that just didn't appeal to the market. "Steve Jobs named his new computer the "Apple." His name was a success. You called yours "Rotten Fruit," and nobody wanted to buy it. Your name was a failure.

To me, the sentence isn't a stretch. In my world, what you name something is important.


I think it's meant to derive from some sort of internet slang. I've heard my sister and several of her friends that she speaks to say something along the lines of the English translation. For example, if one of her friends did something that sucked on a game - the others would go to them "that was made of fail" or "you're made of fail." It doesn't make sense to me either and when I hear people say it, it frustrates me but it's just an example I've heard before.

Hopefully it is your suggestion though, I'm hoping it's something that doesn't translate to English properly because I really dislike the "insert thing is made of fail / is a fail etc" :P


If that's what they were going for, they massively botched the attempt.


Can "mislukking" also mean a "mistake"?


No. "Mistake" is "fout" or "vergissing".


Despite what the other user answered, "Your name was a mistake" was just accepted for me. Take that as you will.


Harsh. Thanks mom. Thanks dad. Good to see I'm not alone looking for context.


This sentence is a failure.


mislukking can also mean misfortune?


No, misfortune is ongeluk (literally un-luck, this word is also used for accident).


What is this supposed to mean?

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