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Interesting podcasts in Dutch

Can you suggest good podcasts in Dutch? I find it difficult to concentrate on listening to the radio but maybe podcasts will suit me better.

September 29, 2014



I've added kritisch denken to my feed, but haven't listened to it yet.


I've started listening to "De Kennis van Nu" a few weeks ago and I think it'll be one of my regulars. They release one episode per day (it's a daily radio broadcast) and it's mainly about science.

Find the Website here, or the RSS Feed here. :)


I've been listening to http://www.filmjagers.nl/. It's a film review show. It's nice to hear people having a conversation much like one you can hear on the street.


Deuitvinders.xyz is cool if you're into science topics.


Does anyone know of any geopolitical podcasts in Dutch?

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