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I'm not sure I understand how to do the translation properly at all. I'm supposed to find content in Spanish (or whatever source language) without a copyright (or which I've written), translate it (into English in my case), and then post a link that I control? Yes? No? I'm really confused about how to do this.

June 9, 2013



You're not supposed to find content if you don't want to. You can simply go to the Immersion tab and find things that others have uploaded.


But everything that I see in Immersion has already been translated. Am I missing something?


You can check out the New section, which can have untranslated stuff. We'll be adding more content soon.


hi louis, what changes do you plan for the immersion section? at the moment the content (at least in french) is very limited (e.g. poor french wikipedia articles which are already covered way better in the english version of wikipedia). do you work on any sort of quality management for that section? do you need people finding quality texts that have not been translated yet, which are worth the work? thanks.


Yes, very often it s translated but there is the option to edit and thus improve the translation. That's why it's good to have several people working on a text.

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