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"A mulher mais jovem quis comer."

Translation:The younger woman wanted to eat.

June 9, 2013



Why not "the youngest woman"?


That should be correct too...


Shouldn't "the youngest woman" be "a mulher a mais jovem" ?? I'm not sure, but there must be some way to distinguish between "younger" and "youngest"


Mary is young. Betty is younger than Mary. Ruth is younger than Betty. So Ruth is the youngest.

Mary é jovem. Betty é mais jovem do que Mary. Ruth é mais jovem do que Betty. Então Ruth é a mais jovem. (Is that right?)

The youngest woman wanted to eat = A mulher a mais jovem quis comer. (I'm not certain about this. Just asking)


I can see your French background here =) The only way to tell them apart is by using the definite article. Your translation is right.

Ruth é a mais jovem = Ruth is the youngest.

But you don't use the article twice as you would in French =)


it is accepted now (October 2014)

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