"We drink coffee."

Translation:Noi beviamo caffè.

June 9, 2013

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Is it mandatory to have "il" before a noun in Italian, or is it optional? What's the criterion?


I'm wondering this too. Shouldn't it be "Beviamo il caffe?"


The "tips" section says we cannot leave out the article "il,la" yet a lot of these sentences do leave them out. What's the explanation for this contradiction?


My Italian friends occasionally put the verb at the end to emphasize the noun. "Noi beviamo" is also a little redundant I feel - the "we" is already in the verb tense.


When the ending word is (e) how we know we have to use la or il


Memorize masculine/feminine nouns.


When do i use beviamo instead of beve?


Just like mphoenix12e said, beviamo means WE DRINK while beve means HE/SHE/IT DRINKS. In Italian You have to conjugate the verb according to who is the person who does somthing. For example the conjugation of ”bere” (to drink) is the following: io bevO (I drink) tu bevI (You drink - singular) lui/lei bevE (he/she/it drinkS) noi bevIAMO (we drink) voi bevETE (You drink, or as often You can read it in the examples You all drink - plurar) loro bevONO (they drink)

If You look at the end of the verb, You can always know who does something, so in Italian You can leave out the person from the sentence. If You look at the end of the verb, and compare it with other verbs, for example ”mangiare” You can see, that they work the same way for most verbs, though it belongs to the truth, that there are several verbs, that doesn’t follow the rule, these ones You have to learn one by one, but still even in these cases You can see from the verb who does something.


You use beviamo when you are saying we and stuff like that and you use beve when you are taliking about yourself


Noi beviamo=beviamo ?


J have not acsent in tastatura

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