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Eure versus Ihre

In the translation of "Your numerous answers" your answer is "Eure zahlreichen Antworten". Now, in the multiple choice section when asked the correct translation of "Your numerous answers" the only correct answer is " Ihre zahlreichen Antworten"? What gives

September 13, 2012

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There are several German translations for the English words "you" and "your":

  1. du (you informal singular) and dein (your informal singular)

  2. ihr (you informal plural; y'all) and euer (your informal plural)

  3. Sie (you formal singular and plural) and Ihr (your formal singular and plural)

Depending on the context, "your numerous answers" can thus be translated as:

  1. deine zahlreichen Antworten

  2. eure zahlreichen Antworten

  3. Ihre zahlreichen Antworten

Did Duolingo say that one of these answers was wrong?

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