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"I am paying for the community."

Translation:Ik ben aan het betalen voor de gemeenschap.

September 29, 2014



This time I put "ik ben voor de gemeenschap aan het betalen" and it said another correct solution would be "ik ben aan het betalen voor de gemeenschap", which seems easier to me. Are both equally correct/used?


This would be easier to explain in person I think. Both sentences are fine but in the first sentence the voor de gemeenschap part will probably be more important than the aan het betalen part and vice-versa in the second sentence. Whereas in English you would generally simply emphasize a word by stressing it. In Dutch, you more often have the choice of applying stress in the same way or of changing the word order to achieve the same effect.

I hope this makes sense.


Is there any rule applied here of when we can switch the places?

Like i.e. "ik ben binnen aan het spelen" can it be changed to "ik ben aan het spelen binnen"?


SURYA; <ik ben aan het spelen binnen> is not OK


Gotcha. I want to keep comparing it to German, but there are some stark differences. Thanks!

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