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"Táim i mo chónaí sa chathair."

Translation:I live in the city.

September 29, 2014


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Can we say both "táim i mo chónai" and "ta mé i mo chónai"? I think I saw the second one too. Is there a difference?


One uses what is called the synthetic form of the verb (táim), which is used in the Caighdeán and Munster Irish. The other is the Analytic form, which is preferred in Connacht and Ulster Irish., though in the first tense singular, you'll still see the synthetic.


Tá mé i mo chónaí wasn't accepted. Is there a reason why it needs to be táim not tá mé?


Why is chathair lenited?


In the standard, sa causes lenition of the following word.


I wrote "my home is in the city" would that not be acceptable?


The sentence’s subject is “I” rather than “my home”.


I heard "Tá mé i mo chónaí sa chathair". It was marked wrong, but I think it should also be right??


This is an Irish to English sentence, so if you are entering the sentence in Irish, you got this exercise as a "Type what you hear" exercise.

"Type what you hear" exercises are really "Type what she said" exercises - the only answer that can be accepted is the sentence in the speakers script. And she actually said táim i mo rather than tá mé i mo.

Translation exercises can have "acceptable alternative answers", but "Type what you hear" exercises can't.


How do I know when to choose 'i' or 'sa' for 'in'?


I THINK that 'i' is used for indefinite article and 'sa' for definite, but this also confuses me as I would try 'san' since it's a shortening of 'ins an'. 'sa' confuses me.


i means "in (a)" and becomes in before a vowel sound.
i+an ("in the") becomes sa. sa becomes san before a vowel sound.


Aha! GRMA! And 'sna' is for a plural definitive?


Yes, i + na becomes sna


Shouldn't this be "I am living in the city?" Is "táim i mo chónaí" the standard way of saying "I live (somewhere) in Irish, or is it just the way we're learning it via Duo?


This is a fairly standard way of saying "I live somewhere", though it "I am living in the city" should also be an acceptable translation.

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