"How many kilograms of meat do we get?"

Translation:Quanti chilogrammi di carne prendiamo?

June 10, 2013

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in colloquial American it is correct to use either "we get" or "we buy" to mean "compriamo". Yet I was penalized for checking both choices


I agree that this should be marked correct - "we get" is slightly ambiguous in this sentence.


Going from english to italian, I also thought "we get" translated better to "compriamo" than to "prendiamo", assuming we weren't "taking" meat from perhaps a store. I guess "prendiamo" has a more complex meaning than simply "we take".


Other, more obscure senses of "get":

It could also be "get" as in "are given" (receive) or "are awarded" --"How many kilograms of meat do we get for winning the contest?"

Or (disclaimer: I know nothing about tense) picture a small group of people running errands for another person. Before heading out to fetch meat (for free) from a mutual friend, they might ask to double-check, "And how many kilograms of meat do we get, again?" (Sorry if the backstory overcomplicated things)


I used "otteniamo" and it was correct. "Prendiamo" would be more take for me. It is a difference in where the initiative of the action is - giver or receiver.


Marked wrong for me whwn using otteniamo

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    it's the problem of the hopelessly overused word 'get'. Same with 'got'. These words don't exist in Italian where every use of them has a specific word in Italian. Translating 'get' into Italian is a nightmare. The question given suggests two things, one that you have a specific sum of money, as in How many kg do we get ( or are we given) for $10? The other interpretation is How much shall we buy? Get and Got are so lazy....


    I faced this sentence English->Italian and "prendiamo" was the only choice available.

    I reported an issue, my proposal was to either change "get" to "take" in the English sentence or from "prendiamo" to "riceviamo" in the Italian sentence. Then this makes sense to me. ;) But not both at the same time.

    But - in case corrected - these nice discussions about strange translations would die out ... . So I am fine either way.


    Is it wrong to put in the "noi" before the "prendiamo"? So: "Quanti chilogrammi di carne noi prendiamo"? Duolingo marks it as wrong, but I thought putting the pronoun was optional - you could add it or not?


    In a question you can use the pronoun at the beginning or at the end of the sentence.


    Must one place the verb at the end? "quanti kilogrammi prendiamo di carne" is rejected by DL.


    Not in earnest? Noi quanti chilogrammi di carne prendiamo?


    I think here he means it would either be "Noi prendiamo quanti chilogrammi di carne?" or, "Quanti chilogrammi di carne prendiamo noi?". The pronoun is attached to the verb it comes with. At least I'm pretty sure!


    Placing the verb "prendiamo" (without the noi) at the start of the sentence was marked incorrect. Can a native speaker enlighten?


    the sentence is an interrogation, therefore it starts with an interrogative pronoun (quanti?). If you start with the subject (noi) the sentence assumes a positive value. In addition, a native speaker would never use "noi" in this kind of sentence, unless he wants to stress the difference with other people: "altri hanno preso 10 Kg, ma quanti kg prendiamo noi?"


    Hmm, I was marked wrong for the version starting "Noi prendiamo..." Should it be reported?


    Using "noi" is 100% but many people do not use it because the verb that proceeds it is conjugated with the terms of the pronoun.


    Huh? Isn't prendiamo "we take"? I don't know the correct form, but shouldn't it have been 'ottenere' as basis?


    Why can't I say della carne in this context?


    It wasn't 'of the meat' but 'of meat' thus no definite article Besides, when talking about amounts of something, you don't normally put an article.


    I goofed by putting manzo but that's beef and not the general word for meat which is carne


    Could you say "dobbiamo prendere" ?


    That wouldn't mean "How many [...] do we get?", but "How many [...] do we have to get?"


    Could you say "dobbiamo prendere" ?


    Why cant i put prendiamo at the beginning of the sentence??


    Prendere ... Is not correct. It should be compriamo. You can NOT Americanize the Italian language if you wish to speak it correctly.


    Can you explain this more. Get and buy are different. One is about receiving/acquiring/fetching the other about purchasing. Surely prendere is about receiving and compriare about purchasing? So 'prendiamo' is more correct than 'compriamo'.


    My answer "Quanti chilogrammi carne riceviamo." gets marked as wrong. Yet to get also means to "receive", passively.


    For example, I just received our bimonthly Butcher Box, which includes several pounds of farm-raised beef and pork. It would be entirely reasonable for my spouse to ask "How many pounds of meat do we get [receive]?"

    I'm reporting "riceviamo," because it should be accepted here.


    why is it di carne. it is la carne , so i expect it to be da carne


    di = of. Usually with quantities of something you just use di with no following article so it is di carne rather than della carne which means "of the meat". da is "from" rather than "of" so is not used here.


    I think maybe 'da' is more 'from' than 'of'


    I don't understand why "Prendiamo quanti chilogrammi di carne?" is wrong. Can someone please explain? Other questions in previous lessons have been formatted this way.


    The program corredted me with otteniamo which i never learned.


    I wrote 10 times kilogram with k, and it was accepted. Why only in this sentense considers it wrong and want "chilogram"?


    Strictly speaking there is no k in the Italian alphabet but they can use foreign words that contain k. So maybe Duo is being strictly Italian in which characters are allowed in this case.


    Sounds like they're about to go shoplifting. If DL mean "buy" then they should say "buy".


    Get should not be used .There are a few italian verbs that could be used but there is only one choice that duolingo will accept.I think we buy would have been a better choice than we get


    My first instinct was to write "Quanti chilogrammi di carne prendiamo?" ma ho scritto "Quanti chilogrammi prendiamo di carne?" It was marked wrong. Can someone explain to me why the verb is at the end? Thank you.


    There is no reason why quanti chilogrammi di carne ("how many kilograms of meat") should be divided. I mean, at least in any language I know.


    ...do we get= otteniamo (not prendiamo).


    Why is manzo accepted, but not carne?


    'carne' was accepted just now, perhaps thanx to you


    It marked manzo wrong for me, and corrected it with carne.


    Carne = meat like flesh, manzo = beef a particular kind of meat.


    When is it right to use prendiamo versus apprendiamo?


    May "della carne" also work?


    the question was already answered above


    Prendiamo meaning in english is we take, compriamo is more like we get or we buy.

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      the actual meaning of "we get = otteniamo....we take = prendiamo But they haven't taught us the otteniamo yet, so the closest until they do is prendiamo.


      Should it not be Ottiamo? Prendiamo is more akin to take.


      Yes, but it also means take as in to receive, or to get. When you order in a restaurant you use prendere to say "I'll have the fish", or "I'll take the fish", but that last one implies receiving or obtaining.


      What is the difference between carne o manzo. Please somebody expkain it to me


      Carne is meat. Manzo is beef -- one of many kinds of meat.


      If the Verb is to buy then the translation should be to buy. putting 'get' in the English translation is purely designed to confuse.


      why is is 'di carne' not 'della carne'?


      Why is it incorrect to use 'manzo' instead of 'carne'?


      Please try reading the previous discussion before repeating a question that's been answered.


      I'm fed up with this. Sometimes you use a word and it is right, then you use it in the same scenario and it is wrong. Boring


      That's part of learning a language. If you don't press on through the mistakes you won't be able to use the language to communicate -- and what fun would that be?


      Why is "noi prendiamo" wrong?


      It's not technically wrong, but it contains an unnecessary emphasis on the subject ("How many kilograms of meat do we get?").


      Why not: Quanti chilogrammi di carne otteniamo?


      Why is it 'take' and not 'receive'?


      Because we take (prendiamo) it from the store (after paying of course) and we don't receive (otteniamo) it as a gift.


      "Quanti chilogrammi di manzo compriamo..". Non è la stessa cosa?


      For the sake of the fidelity of the translation, we should discern prendiamo ("we get", literally "we take") and compriamo ("we buy"). I can see some slight difference in meaning, because "we get" means rather "we are going to buy", whereas "we buy" could be an answer to the question "how much do we usually buy?"

      How many kilograms of meat do we get? Let's take 2 kilos, that should be enough.

      How many kilograms of meat do we buy? You're right, now that I think about it, we buy too much.


      In colloquial Italian chilo o chili is used very often


      I put 'prendiamo quanti chilogrami de I carne' It was marked wrong but Wouldn't this be correct as well?


      No. First, “carne” is a feminine noun. Second, read the explanation of “della” vs. “di” elsewhere in this discussion. (It’s always a good idea to read the existing questions and answers before posting.)


      Why not "Quanti chilogrammi di carne noi prendiamo


      It is not really incorrect, but it is not used in Italian. The verb is already conjugated, so we tend to omit the pronoun, if there is no ambiguity. You may add the pronoun if you want to stress the difference between what "we" do and what "others" do: "loro hanno preso 10 kg di patate, quanti kg di carne prendiamo noi?" (in this case "noi" is better placed at the end)


      Thank you for the explanation!


      Prendiamo should translate as "we take". Isn't the correct verb usage here Otteniamo or "we get"


      Prendiamo ....Poor choice of words. But I am resigned to DL being substandard


      My Italian colleagues tell me that "in quanti" is the correct expression. I would be grateful if a Duolingo Italian could comment on this? Thank you


      In quanti is correct when asking about the subject, not object, e.g. In quanti compriamo? means "How many of us are buying?"


      my android google keyboard says that kilogrammi is also correct))


      credo it is adopted from other languages and is understandable, but it would be wrong is you were asked "how do you write kilogram in Italian?"

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