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English for Irish speakers course?

I know most (native) Irish speakers already know english so it probably isn't necessary, but I was wondering if it was being considered at all & if there's been a decision on it happening or not in the future.

I figured it might since most courses are reversed anyway & it would be good for (english speaking) Irish learners who want to test their skills, but I could also see it being more trouble that it's worth for contributors.

September 30, 2014



I would be interested in working on an Irish course for Spanish speakers, as I think that there are very few resources for learning Irish in languages other than English. Given its prominence, I hope that this would be the next Irish course launched. It would be really exciting to have it available, but I'm not sure how this would work...


We haven't really discussed this at all at this stage. Though it certainly a possibility, we are sticking with one course for now.


I was wondering about this because of immersion. Translating English pages into minority languages must be good for the speakers of the minority language I imagine.


But, as mentioned below, would it be wise to let learners do this? Especially with a language as different as Irish, where idiomatic expression and different ways of expressing things (For instance, Taitin with le for "like/enjoy") might really throw people off.


Sorry, but I think that all course effort needs to be concentrated on the current en -> ie course... like the audio capabilities. :)


I'm not saying it should be started now at all, just that if it was a possibility sometime in the future.


I can only see it being useful for Immersion - like, the current course would have translating from Irish into English. Meh. What's the point of that? Everything is already in English. Going the other way would be way better.


>Everything is already in English.

That's not entirely true. The issue is finding stuff without copywrite that's not translated. There's plenty of short stories and novels and the like that haven't been translated. Unfortunately, it's doubtful we'd be able to use those.


Don't the Irish already speak English?


I mentioned that already

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