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Just saying thanks

The creation of duolingo and the very fact that it's free has opened up opportunities that I could never have foreseen. Because of that, I am very grateful and can ensure that I intend to learn as many languages as I can from this. Keep up the har work guys!

June 10, 2013



Thank you so much! This made our day :)


I second this opinion. I've never had more fun learning a language than this. And I just got my teaching certification in Japanese so this isn't my first rodeo.


I completely agree. Duolingo is the best! Thanks to all of you!


I agree! :) right now I'm learning languages because they are/will be useful.. but in the future I think I will learn more languages just because I can :D


I too am loving this site! for the first time I actually look forward to getting home and doing the lessons. Now i have a microphone sorted Im even getting down to the speaking part too.

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