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Nederlands leren met televisie

Does anybody know of any shows for Dutch learners available online? I used Extra to improve my Spanish which helped a lot so I would like to do the same with my Nederlands.

September 30, 2014



Turns out: you can watch Alfred Jodokus Kwak online. It's a fantastic cartoon, originally aimed at children, and it covers a lot of cultural aspects too. I adored it as a child (still do actually). http://www.hermanvanveen.com/voorstellingen/alfred-jodocus-kwak.html (and this is the website of the maker, so it's a hundred percent legal)


Oh, the nostalgia! I loved Alfred J. Kwak as a child!


Take a look at Het Jeugdjournaal (http://jeugdjournaal.nl/uitzendingen/) It's the news, but then for kids.


Television can be very useful, also to undersand some of the dutch culture. I can advise to watch the news, a talkshow and maybe some progams for children. Try http://www.npo.nl/ NOS Journaal (the more or less official news) or sesamstraat (simple dutch for dutch speaking little kids) and Pauw ( a dutch late night show), good to see how the dutch dress, what they think is important and how they behave together / informal)


I also highly recommend www.npo.nl. I've used the former uitzendiggemist site for years (now it's npo). This helped me so much. You can watch shows, and see the subtitles for many of them. That way you instantly connect words you don't know with what they sound like. Greatly facilitates learning. I've watched youth soap operas, adult sitcoms, dramas, lots of news and documentaries. And of course Boer Zoekt Vrouw. :-)


Boer zoekt vrouw is Great :) Also a lot of Dutch culture, you understand how they think.


A special recommendation for npo.nl (although not a television programme but a film) the film "Jongens". It has actually won several prizes. You can watch it here: http://www.npo.nl/zappbios-jongens/09-02-2014/NPS_1238783


I don't know if it's the fact that I'm in the U.S., but I attempted to pull up Jongens, and there is a rechtenbeperking. Some of the shows on npo.nl have limitations for where you can be geographically located to access certain shows.


I had the same trying to watch grman television from the Netherlands, but than i noticed that a lot of these programs were also on Youtube. Downloadable wherever you are. So Youtube can also be a valuable source. I can advise : De fabeltjeskrant: a children program already for more then 20 years not on television but really great. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=fabeltjeskrant


Too bad. A VPN could work, but yeah.


You could always watch a Dutch soap opera... eg. Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden

Alfred J. Kwak, and Bassie and Adriaan are my favourite! You cannot go wrong with those.


Look for "Sesamstraat" on YouTube for the Dutch version of Sesame Street. The translations (and original sketches) are actually very good.


And pay special attention to the pronunciation of Ernie's name! Pronouncing Ernie the English way is perceived as 'wrong' by people who grew up with Dutch Sesamstraat. We just like to do some things a bit differently. :)


I am dutch and i watched the late night talk shows like Barend en Van Dorp, later Pauw en Witteman and now Pauw. http://www.npo.nl/pauw/POMS_S_VARA_615831 . Maybe you can only see these shows when you are in the Netherlands. Than try youtube: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=pauw

I like these programs because they try to invite people who can tell more about subjects that are in the news. It is interesting to notice that every country / culture has different opinions on what is important. You also get to know the Bekende Nederlanders. WHo is WHo in the Netherlands.


You can also check out this site : http://schooltv.ntr.nl On some videos they provide you with the text in Dutch. (You can find it on the left of the page)

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