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"Forholdet vil blive ødelagt af det."

Translation:The relationship will be destroyed by that.

September 30, 2014



This one hits me emotionally.


why is 'det' always 'that'?


I don't think it is. I have the same thought on this exercise though. It and That /can/ refer to the same object in English, but generally 'it' is the abstract and 'that' refers to a specific object or concept.

Can any Danes gives us examples of how this sentence would be constructed in Danish to first refer to a 'that', and then again to refer to an 'it'?


What about "bliver" instead vil blive?


I'm not completely sure but I think that saying "bliver" could mean present tense or future and could only be determined based on the surrounding context, but saying "vil blive" must mean future tense. I think they both are correct in danish but in some cases saying "bliver" instead might be less clear.


Det igen! Jeg har altid et dårligt forhold med ordet det. Any help ... tak


It will end in tears


Coming from a mother language in which the difference between "this" and "that" is absolutely superfluous, it really frustrates me every time DL corrects me when I used "this" instead of "that" or vice versa.


This is going to end in tears.

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