"Your education means a lot."

Translation:La tua educazione significa molto.

June 10, 2013

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The English word "mean" has two senses: "to signify (have a meaning)" and "to matter." So does the Italian word "significare." How one interprets that word makes a difference in how one understands "a lot" and "molto." In one sense we have an adjective that must agree with the subject; in the other we have an adverb than does not. It makes no difference in English, but in Italian we could have either "molta" or "molto." Fortunately, there is a fixed phrase "significare molto" which means "to matter a lot," so that issue is settled.

"Educazione," however, is not so clear-cut. "Istruzione" is the more normal way of talking about what English calls education. There are other Italian words that have a similar meaning: "formazione," "studi," "pedagogia," or even "insegnamento." All of these can be considered important. I see no reason for Duo to prefer "educazione." Probably all of these should be accepted.

However, this troublesome sentence seems to be a good one, so long as we can explore and understand the issues it raises.


i agree, and i put istruzione and it rejected it


why not molta?


(American English speaker) Here it is an adverb, and is always the same (molto)


Why not. La tua educazione è molta significa


"Significa" is a verb. Your sentence needs a adjective ( significant). It would be " ..è molto significativa".


Then why is 'significa molta' acceptable? Is this another word order thing?


"Significa Molta" is the same exact word order as the English though?


la tua istruzione significa molto was rejected even though earlier when i put educazione for education it counted wrong.


What can't I say "vuole dire"? Why only "vuol dire"? I thought the latter was optional...


They're the same thing, you're right. It sure is an error, but they probably only recognize the latter because it's the way it's commonly said.


Can the translation be "la tua educazione vale molto"?


"La tua instruzione vale molto" is much better than DuoLingo's answer.


No, "education" is a false friend meaning "istruzione"


La tua istruzione significa tanto

was not accepted. 5:40am PST February 20 2018


Could anybody please explain why 'La' is mandatory?

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