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  5. "Tá an tae á théamh acu."

" an tae á théamh acu."

Translation:The tea is being heated by them.

September 30, 2014



What's the difference between 'the tea is heated by them' and 'the tea is being heated by them '. If this example is only 'being heated' how is the active form translated?


In English, the difference between "the tea is heated by them" and "the tea is being heated by them" is that the first construction has a habitual aspect, whereas the second describes what is happening now. You can restate them as "they heat the tea" and "they are heating the tea".

I think that tá an tae téite acu, using the past participle of téamh, is the construction that you are looking for, though the saorbhriathar would probably be preferred in many instances.


Or, depending on when you use it, you'd just say théigh siad an tae...


Oh, the sublties of the English language. Whenever someone claims it is "the easiest language" I like to point out things like these. English might be fairly easy to grasp when concidering the basics, but being non-native such subtle differences always break my neck. Thanks for the explanation!


would tá an tae do mo théamh agam make sense


No. That is "The tea is heating me"


I figured it out ages ago, but thanks anyway


This sentence doesn't make sense to me. Would you use it when heating water to make tea, or - reheating cold tea? (I'd think a fresh pot far more likely.)


In both English and Irish, "tea" can refer to a meal eaten in the afternoon or evening. If you have soup for tea, it will probably have been "heated".


Ah. Of course I've heard of tea being used this way (it's not a North American usage at all, though), but never described as "being heated."


You're not alone, I always thought that tea was just that, having a cup of tea in the afternoon.


Why is it "the tea is being heated by them" and not "the tea is heating them"? How would you say the latter instead?


Tá an tae á dtéamh.

This discussion goes into some detail about how this construction works.


why is 'warmed' not acceptable?

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