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How many levels are there in learning Spanish?

It always makes me feel good to complete another level, but I have to wonder where I'm headed. Does anyone know how many levels TOTAL there are in the Duolingo Spanish?

June 10, 2013



25 as in any other language. And levels don't mean anything except for representing the number of your skill points. After you reach level 25, your skill points will continue to grow, but the level will stay the same.


But they add new levels every once in a while for more diverse content, right? Or am I off base there?


We do add and remove lessons to improve the experience, which is something we're always working on. Right now, the Spanish tree has 64 skills, 309 lessons and you can go up to level 25 (doesn't mean you stop practicing when you hit that mark)


Levels are something different from skills. Your position in the tree is a more adequate indicator of your progress while levels rather represent your amount of work put into achieving your current knowledge. There are people who finish the whole tree with level 13 or 15 and others who only do it at level 22 or 23. I'm level 22 in German and have not finished the tree yet because I did a lot of practice that added to my points but did not advance me down the tree.

The team rearranges and adds lessons, but over the year that I'm here I have not noticed any extension of the trees further down.

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