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"Desde tu techo puedes ver el panorama de la ciudad."

Translation:From your roof you can see the view of the city.

June 10, 2013



¡Puedo ver Rusia desde mi casa!


Hola Señora Palin!


I thougt "roof" is "tejado" whereas "ceiling" is "techo"???


Tejado and Techo both mean roof. Tejas are tiles, so a tiled roof is Tejado. Techo can mean either a roof or a ceiling. (Context should indicate the usage.)

Much like Hogar (Hearth), Techo (Roof) can also be used as a synecdoche (a part put for the whole/or vice versa).

Él no tiene un techo a su nombre. (He doesn't have a roof to his name.) He doesn't have a place to call his own.


You actually can see a lot from my roof. I like to sit out on it when the moon is full.


city? Town? Town is wrong, but i can't find out why. I don't see the difference between city and town. (Probably due to my lack of English)


Seems to me that in Spanish it's either Pueblo = village or Ciudad = town/city. At least I have not come across anything in between.


Pueblo can mean a town or village, Aldea means a small town, village, or hamlet. Ciudad means a city and metrópolis means a large primary city.


in english we think of a city as a very large town, a town is a large village - hard to say exactly where/why the change happens. I don't think there is a distinction in spanish - I think it is a ciudad (city) or a pueblo ( village) and a "town" would be una pequena ciudad or un gran pueblo.....


In England town v village is to do with population and administration. When I moved to where I live, it was a village. As it grew, they eventually found someone willing to be mayor annd we changed from a parish council to a town council. I can't remember the exact size of population. Town v city can be one of two things, either it has a cathedral and/or it has city status bequeathed by the Queen.


Why does "Roof" work here whilst "Ceiling" does not? Is it an Americanism?


Can you see the view of the city from inside the house? Roof only works for me because I just can't see how one could see any thing from the ceiling. The word's meaning is from context.


I think you should say "a panorama", because it is improbable that it is the only one.


Would have preferred " ... un panorama..." Reason is that in saying "the view" vs "a view" the implication is that there is one view possible when of course there are many


Why is it desde and not para


Why not "From your roof you can see the city's panorama" ? This was rejected.


I've reported that before. I would have expected "la vista" for the view. Desde tu techo puedes ver la vista de la ciudad.

The panorama would be an unobstructed and wide view of an extensive area in all directions.


When it shows the answer, it does not simultaneously show what I typed. Therefore I don't know what I did wrong.


I still don't know what I did wrong. What they say the answer is, is what I typed.


I can't see what I'm typing with this new cartoon update.

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