"Nós não sabemos que atitude tomar."

Translation:We do not know what attitude to take.

June 10, 2013

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Is this sentence what someone would say to mean, "We don't know how to react"?


Is there a rule for why "que" = "what" in this instance and "o que" is not used instead?


Because you have a noun after that. It would different if it was like "eu não sei o que fazer". (I dont know what to do) "não sei que/qual carro comprar (i dont know what car to buy)


You don't "take" attitudes. You have an attitude (so do I sometimes).


With respect, I take the attitude that we might disagree on this point. Over the course of my life, I have adopted an attitude, struck an attitude, given attitude, had attitude, taken attitudes, and have often done so with attitude. On occasion, others have even taken my attitude, but these thefts were hardly ever noticed.

Admittedly this is not the OED, but it is a taste of the examples to be found on the wondrous wild world wide web:


Very interesting. I've heard all the other ones, but I've never heard take an attitude. It must be a regional thing. I'm from the Midwest United States. In any case, I posted this because have an attitude was not accepted and it should be. :-)


Não sei se o bosque tem pescoço em português, mas parece que moramos no mesmo. :-D Bons estudos, Slava8!


could you also use qual instead of que?


Yes, it is also right.


You don't take an attitude in English, you have an attitude.


It sounds like she's saying "mas" not "nós".

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