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"Ik ben vandaag zo vrolijk, zo vrolijk was ik nooit!"

Translation:I am so happy today, I was never this happy!

September 30, 2014



Youtube link to the song.

I just learned that you can watch Alfred Jodokus Kwak online: http://www.hermanvanveen.com/voorstellingen/alfred-jodocus-kwak.html


Thanks, this is a wonderful find. Extremely helpful and a great motivator.


Thanks good to know Alfred is still motivating people. :) But actually you should be thanking Daantjerrr. I found the link in her post about Dutch clips here and the course builder that had the idea to include this sentence of course. :)


Oh, sweet childhood. I've watched it in german though but now that i understand a bit dutch I'm surely giving it a try.


I understand it! Ik ben zo verwonderd!


Can we write: "Ik ben vandaag zo vrolijk, was ik/ik was nooit zo vrolijk!" (?)


Yes. Ik was nooit zo vrolijk and Was ik nooit zo vrolijk? are both valid sentences, the latter is a question.


My dad still sings this every single day! xD


<3 I used to watch this as a kid (in German)

Back then I never noticed that the ducks have a Dutch accent in the German version though!

PS: Dat is een belangrijke eend!


That last part of the translation doesn't sound quite right. Wouldn't "I've never been this happy before" be better?


Yes, the perfect tense 'I have never been this happy' would be more appropriate, but 'before' is redundant.


One could argue that the correct translation is "Alfred is so merry, so very very merry!" -- but that's missing all kinds of points.

see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acYgPvGo1G8


I was never so happy as I am today! could this be correct and a valid translation??

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