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"But I do not have an orange flag!"

Translation:Maar ik heb geen oranje vlag!

September 30, 2014



I thought the verb always went second: Maar heb ik geen oranje vlag! Is this an exception?


same question here! maybe conjunctions aren't "counted" in phrases like this?

[deactivated user]

    Same question. Shouldn't this be a verb inversion so heb would follow maar?


    This is a valid question, why are people getting downvoted?


    Same question hier


    I made the same "heb niets" error on this sentence. Thus, I looked at the discussion. "geen" as the negation of "een" was a very useful answer. Regarding the inversion, the best that I can find on the web suggests that "maar" should never be used as the first word of a sentence, in formal grammar. But, Duolingo provides us with Dutch as it is actually spoken, not necessarily as the perfectly correct way that it should be spoken. And so, I think that the first word, "maar", does not require the inversion, because in a proper construction of the sentence, it should not be there. It is apparently ignored.


    The problem is that the maar is not a full part of the sentence but more an aspiration, an emphasis, an expression of outpouring emotions. The sentence could still function without it. That's why the whole sentence is treated as if the Maar was not there at all.


    same question here!


    Why is this not correct transaltion ?: "Maar ik heb niet een oranje vlag!"


    You can think of geen as the negated form of een, see explanation here


    Thank you very much!


    You'll feel pretty left out if you don't have something orange in the Netherlands!


    "geen" response from the moderators ... same question

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