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"Ik bekijk een sterrenstelsel met mijn telescoop."

Translation:I am observing a galaxy with my telescope.

September 30, 2014



Why not "I view a galaxy with my telescope?" Seems like that should be an accepted answer as well, or am I missing something?


Is it wrong to use 'watching' ?


Waarom moet het zijn "I am observing" in plaats van "I observe"?


Normaal gesproken is het kijken nu aan de gang in een zin als deze, waardoor I am observing de logische tijd in het Engels is. In het Nederlands wordt daarvoor vaak de tegenwoordige tijd gebruikt. Echter I observe is ook prima.

Normally the watching is currently happening in a sentence like this one, which means I am observing is the logical tense in English. In Dutch the simple present is often used for that. Hovever I observe is also fine.


Bedankt voor het schrijven ervan zowel in het Nederlands als in het Engels! Ik waardeer het!

Óke! Ik vroeg me af omdat het niet was geaccepteerd. Moet ik dit melden? Ik begrijp nu dat "I am observing" de beste optie is, maar als "I observe" nog steeds correct is, zal ik proberen om het te melden.


Ja, graag melden! Ik heb "I observe" nu toegevoegd.


How'd you say: constellation?


Either 'constellatie' or (more used) 'sterrenbeeld'.


Bekijken has been translated in other sentences as: look at, watch, examine--but all those were marked wrong with this one.

Also, what's the difference between kijken and bekijken? When would you contextually use one over the other?


Is 'bekijk' specifically 'observing' (i.e. with a kind of scientific attention) or could it be just 'viewing' as well?


It could be just viewing as well. ^_^


Sorry but "bekijk" and "bekeek" sound the same to me the way this voice pronounces them :(


Yet they are pronounced differently. You might have to listen carefully, but the difference is present.

For comparison: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6149218


I somehow still fail to hear the difference... my ears are probably not used to it yet, just like with heeft/geeft.


it offered see as an option, but marked it as an incorrect answer...


i thought sterrenstelsel was solar system and galaxy was something else. can someone please clarify?


"zonnestelsel" is solar system, whereas "sterrenstelsel" is galaxy. It's really quite logical when you break down the parts of the words.

  • zon = sun → zonne when used in compound words
  • sterren = stars
  • stelsel = system


oh, i forgot zonnelstelsel even existed, thanks!


Could i have replaced bekijk with kijk naar to mean the same thing?

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