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  5. "Gestern sah ich sie."

"Gestern sah ich sie."

Translation:I saw her yesterday.

September 30, 2014



In spoken German, how do you tell if "sie" means "her" or "them" in this context?


You can't. You usually get it from the dialog.


Would "Ich sah sie gestern" or "Ich sah gestern sie" be correct?


"Ich sah sie gestern" sounds fine to me, the other one sounds really awkward and wrong.


You're right, but here is quite the opposite: "Ich sah gestern einen Bekannten" is better than "Ich sah einen Bekannten gestern".


Hm, that's very interesting! Is it because "sie" is a pronoun and "einen Bekannten" is just a noun?


I am not a linguist. So it is more from my feeling which could be also erroneous. If I had to evaluate most of the more complicated sentences' translations to german.... There are a lot of bad ones. For me as a german native I could sometimes stop it and never return. Often it is needed to learn the bad translation proposal to satisfy the engine.

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