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"Jeg vil gerne putte mad i mig."

Translation:I would like to put food in me.

September 30, 2014



Is this a normal sentence in Danish?


No. The normal one would be - jeg vil gerne putte øllen i mig


I can't be the only one that envisioned someone with a banana hanging out of their ear... Can I?


I figured it meant "I want to eat."


Yes I put that, but was rejected!


I don't understand the meaning of the sentence in English. Is it a common one in Danish?


no, definitely not!


In English you might say "I need to get some food in me" but this would only really be used if you maybe hadn't eaten for a while and you were starting to feel weak, or were ill and needed the nutrients... It's not a normal way of saying you want to eat, in any case!


This is a good example not knowing whether DL wants a literal or practical translation. Either works but we should not be penalized for not guessing which one DL wants us to use.


Exactly. How are we to know that this isn't some sort of idiomatic expression in Danish?


So if I understand well, that sentence doesn't make sense, even in Danish ?


The point is to enjoy learning and just to laugh every now and then.


If only it was funny!

The problem is that these silly sentences slow down the learning as you try to figure out what they could mean until you realise they really are just twisting the language.


I preffer to be confused here first. Not everyone speaks as they should. And you could get in a situation where Gibberish Danish is your only form of communication with another person. And you always have this comment section to check.


I mean, speak for yourself. It didn't slow down my learning, and I enjoyed the whimsy. If you only want to learn useful sentences, there are plenty of courses out there you can use.


This is an odd sentence even in English. People would just say , ' I want to eat.'


I'm going to use this language at lunch today and see what happens


so, what happened? :)


The suspense is killing me.


what can i say then?? ive been waiting for 9 months!!! :D every single day i wake up with the slight ray of hope that maybe today is the day....


Another translation should be "I would like to eat"; no English person would put it the way this translation does.


Unless they intentionally are being silly. Like when you see a large meal and say "Get in my belly!!" Or is that just me?


Jeez, there are a lot of people with no sense of humour taking this sentence (and course) too seriously. You must all be a barrel of laughs out in the real world...!


so infinitive is "putte" and past is "lagde"?


No, past is "puttede", but they are (mostly) interchangeable. There's a very minor difference in meaning that's safe to ignore.


is this a Simpsons reference?


Somebody was obviously working too late on this.


I said 'I would like to eat' because the correct solution is incredibly unnatural


That translation is not acceptable English. “I would like something to eat” would be nearer.


If this is actually a common Danish sentence, then the literal English translation is unnatural as it'd never be used. Suggestion: "I would like to eat."


I was going to write the correct answer, but unfortunately, it made no sense and I instead translated to a normal sentence. -I would like to eat!!! My bad.


Synonyms to 'putte i sig' according to Den Danske Begrebsordbog:

æde, lange til fadet, tage for sig af retterne, fylde sig, proppe sig, mæske sig, æde sig mæt, skovle i sig, hugge i sig, proppe i sig, gafle i sig, labbe i sig, putte i hovedet, sluge, slynge ned, hælde ned, gumle, gnaske, snaske, gnave, guffe, gufle, smæske, fråde, fråse, grovæde, voldæde, have fråderen (på), spise for to, æde som et tærskeværk, æde/spise nogen ud af huset, have pensionatsarme, trøstespise, æde op, æde sig igennem, nedsvælge, kværne, opæde

How about translating it as "I would like to stuff my face". :)


Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!! That's what the sentence should have been in the first place. Thank you.


Again very poor English and maybe poor dansk. Please correct. I would like to eat, need to eat or need to get some food would be the English. Having lived in danmark never once did anyone use this phrase.

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