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  5. "Den løber."

"Den løber."

Translation:It is running.

September 30, 2014



Maybe a native Danish speaker will stop by and answer your question authoritatively.

According to sproget.dk, one of the meanings of løber is to run as in "going fast". But, according to an online translator, run as in "work" is not included in the definition.

Edit: here is a Dates and Time exercise that uses "løber":

  • Perioderne løber fra marts til august og november til februar. = The periods run from March to August and November to February.


In Norwegian its løper


Would "den" be replacing a non-neuter noun? such as ulv? løber ulven? ja, den løber?


Hello ProfLara. Yes, but it depends on the gender. "En ulv - ulven - den løber". But, "Et dyr - dyret - det løber".


A question...As a summary, what kind of things do actually run ("løbe")? Copy.paste:

<pre>Dates and Time exercise that uses "løber": Perioderne løber </pre>

Ulven løber -- Barnet og dyret løber -- Vandet løber:

<pre>But: Motoren løber ikke... den kører. "Tynd mave" løber ikke. :-D </pre>

More examples, please? Tak!


Jeg løber = I run, næsen løber = the nose is running, vandet løber = the water is running, den rød løber = the red carpet, løbende tale = continuing speech. Motoren kører = the motor is running. Blodet flyder = the blood is flowing


løber næsen?? ^^U


dine øjne løber i vand, kloakerne løber over, regnskabsåret løber fra januar til december, barnet løber hjemmefra og straks løber ind i problemer, virksomheden løber med ordren. Nu løber jeg igen, hej! ´


Nu løber jeg! Farvel!! I'm checking out this site: www.loeberute.dk. They write loebe instead of løbe,I guess not all computer systems have the danish characters intall on internet....


Yes, for the sake of internationalism you will often find that Ø is replaced with OE, and Æ by AE, and Å by AA. I think it is a shame, because these vowels are just a few of the many characteristics of the Danish language. I'm all for internationalism, but at all costs, keep your identity.


Run as in work or as in going fast?


"To run fast = At løbe hurtigt". "The water is running = Vandet løber". "The motor is running = Motoren kører".


I was about to translate it as 'the runs'. Out of curiosity what would 'the runs' be in Danish?


"The runs" is colloquial English for "Diarrhea", and in Danish that would be "Diarrè", or "Tynd mave".


How do you say run in "the program runs under windows 10" ?


I would use: "Programmet kører under Windows 10".

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