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Jung, Jungs vs. Junge, Jungen?

Is there a difference in use between the two variations of boy and boys? Is it contextual, regional, or just preferential?

September 14, 2012


  1. "der Junge" and "die Jungen" are the standard German forms.

  2. "Jungs" is a plural form sometimes used in colloquial speech, mainly in northern and central Germany.

  3. "Der Jung" is used in some dialects (!), e.g. in Cologne. The word "der Jung" is not even listed in a major German dictionary called "Duden". It appears e.g. in a famous carnival song written in the Cologne dialect: "Ich ben e'ne Kölsche Jung, wat willste maache? Ich ben e'ne Kölsche Jung un dun jään laache" (standard German: Ich bin ein Kölner Junge, was willst du machen? Ich bin ein Kölner Junge und lache gerne).


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