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Duo stuck in basic phrases

I am level 6 at French for englishspeakers and level 7 at German for russian speakers. I move up level by level, but there are the same blocks - Basic pharses. I can't move anywhere else - to Food, Animals or whatever. I started German for englishspeakers, but it is the same there. Duo doesn't work or what?

October 1, 2014



Have you finished all the lessons in the skill you are stuck in? Once you have finished all the lessons in that skill, the next skill becomes unlocked. Duo does not allow you to jump arround until you have completed all the lessons unless you have tested out of a range of skills.


I have completed everything for several times, it is written that "lesson completed", but nothing else is unblocked. I can only "Strenghten skills" and repeat lessons. That's all.


I hope you have tried the basic break fix suggestions like logging off and then logging back in and clearing cache and cookies. If the problem still persists, you can take a screenshot and share here so folks responding will have better understanding of the issue.


Thank you very much! It worked! I cleaned cache and cookies and everything works. Now I can move forward!

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