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  5. "Niet goed"

"Niet goed"

Translation:Not good

October 1, 2014



Is "goed" pronounced like hoot?


I've been saying something more like "hood" but, I'm not entirely sure if I'm pronouncing it correctly.


It's a little different from both of those.

Imagine the Duolingo owl saying 'hoot', but not only is the 't' at the end more clear and crisp than in English, instead of just a regular 'h', you also change that sound to the one you might find from the 'ch' in 'The Lochness Monster', in the German 'nacht' or the Spanish 'j' in 'José'.

Basically, if the owl sounded like that, you might be able to say it doesn't have a very... goed(e) hoot ^_~


is the "goed" pronounced like the German "gut" (but gghut)?


The G is rather pronunced as "hr" like the spanish J but further back


is "het" he and the?


It is "the" and "it".

[deactivated user]

    In this case, why is the 'niet' at the start of the sentence?

    I've seen it at the end of a sentence when negating verbs, but I don't quite understand how you decide where it goes in the sentence.

    Thanks :)


    Goed is an adjective, not a verb. The standard is that NIET is placed before adjectives, but after verbs

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