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  5. "Which animal is theirs?"

"Which animal is theirs?"

Translation:Hvilket dyr er deres?

October 1, 2014



When is it hvilken and when hvilket?


Hvilken is used for common gender words (Hvilken bil er din? = Which car is yours?)
Hvilket is used for neuter gender words (Hvilket æble spiser du? = Which apple are you eating?)
Hvilke is used for plural words (Hvilke fugle så du? = Which birds did you see?)


Thanks, I now see there is much more info about chapters on the website than in the apps. I wish I've been told in the apps on some point, or better yet, if the apps also included longer introductions.


I second that thought. I often have to go on the computer with new lessons just to make sure I dont miss important stuff by using just the app


It is possible to say: Hvad er deres dyr?

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