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  5. "Hij heeft paarden."

"Hij heeft paarden."

Translation:He has horses.

October 1, 2014



How would i say "they have horses" ?


Zij hebben paarden.

Even though the pronouns for "she" and "they" are the same in Dutch, the verb has different forms. From the verb you can always tell which one of the two is meant.


I have already begun noticing homophones, such as "pardon" ("excuse me") and "paarden" ("horses")


They aren't homophones, the difference between the short a and long aa isn't always that clear (especially when there is some specific intonation and/or emphasis), but the difference between the short o and the schwa (short e without emphasis as in paarden) is clear (to a native speaker at least). Next to that the emphasis in pardon is on the second syllable and in paarden on the first.


Yeah, I posted that 8 months ago. I realized that already. Thanks for the more grammatical explanation, though!


It's hard to decide if its paarden or parden. I get mixed up. Help!


It is a long aa, the voice pronounces it quite clearly, a more sloppy human speaker can make it sound a bit like a short a, but in this case parden is not a Dutch word. But maybe that fact makes native speakers more sloppy, as they will be understood anyway, which is not a given with words like for instance start (start) and staart (tail).

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