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Submitting correct solutions from mobile apps

Is there a plan to implement this any time soon?

I am at the end of the German tree and frustratingly frequently I am having English sentences rejected that have a slightly different word order to the given solution, or something like that. It can be really, really frustrating when a precious life is lost on a level I've spent a lot of time on. When working from a computer I get some respite from submitting my answer, and having it accepted a few days later. Gradually I guess, with everyone doing this, the whole course is improved.

As most people I know using Duolingo use the mobile versions it follows that a lot of this potential corrective improvement is being wasted. I really think that Duolingo would hugely benefit from bringing this functionality to the mobile arena.

The same goes for discussions as well; often when confused about a sentence I see (23) on the discussion button and feel some relief. Not so on the iPhone app.

Cheers! Keep up the good work and all that.

June 10, 2013



Hey! First- congrats on making it almost all the way through the entire German tree! Right now, you'll have to go into the settings within the iPhone app and select 'feedback' to shoot us your questions or any data errors (include a screenshot if you can). We appreciate all of these reports (thank you!). Integrating more community features into the apps is also something we'll be thinking about soon!


On the Android app, I have to quit the lesson in order to do this. I would not like to interrupt my progress and I now forget to report things now. Thank you for considering these ideas. I hope better sentence reporting is implemented as the mobile user base can provide a lot of input to Duolingo.

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