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"Manden fik fat i kagen og spiste den."

Translation:The man got a hold of the cake and ate it.

October 1, 2014



"The man reached for the cake and ate it", wrong?

Their answers are "The man reached the cake and ate it.", "The man got a hold of the cake and ate it." The first, "The man reached the cake and ate it." is not the the same as "grabbing hold of it" since neither mine nor their first answer imply touching the cake like their second answer does. Furthermore, saying the man "reached the cake" implies him moving bodily in the cake's presence unlike mine and their second answer which implies arms.

That's too many times that's been necessary to write "cake"


Got a hold of is American English. British English would be got hold of. With or eithout the "a" shiuld be acceptable i think.


'Fik fat i kagen' cannot be 'Caught the cake'?


I think fik fat is literally "got a hold of" and that's why other answers aren't accepted; I've seen it used in the context of getting a hold of someone over the phone as well.


The man took hold of the cake sounds better English than 'got a hold of the cake' yet I was marked wrong.


I agree, Sawteeth. I have reported it.


All I want to know is, why is it "i" kagen, and not just kagen?


"fik fat i" is a set phrase. Like "got hold of" one wouldn't say "The man got hold the cake." because it would feel like something's missing.


So how come "katten fik fat i musen" and "manden fik fat i kagen" is right?

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