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2nd Dutch idiom of the week!

Today I will explain the idiom "Iets aan de grote klok hangen".

Litterally it means “to hang something on the big bell”, but you use this one to say someone says something to really everyone, so everybody knows your or someone else’s secret.

Before, the clocks in churches or in other towers were used to give an alarm signal, if there was, for example, a house on fire. Like that, every one knew there was something going on. Do you get now the meaning of the idiom? If you hang something on the big bell, every one will know it.


Jolien and Merel, two girls, are talking about the last rumors...

Jolien: Is het waar dat jij op Jens verliefd bent?

Merel: Nee... Wie heeft jou dat verteld?

Jolien: Marie!

Merel: denkt Moest ze dat nu echt weer aan de grote klok hangen?

Jolien: Is it true you have a crush on Jens?

Merel: No... Who has said that to you?

Jolien: Marie!

Merel: thinking Did she really have to tell it to everybody?

Click here if you've missed the first one :)

October 1, 2014


[deactivated user]

    Naturally FEMALES had to be talking the ones gossiping, because you know males never gossip or spread rumors. Ever. :)

    (Seriously though, I like your idioms posts :D)


    Sorryyy, I really didn't mean it like that, it actually really happened last week (but with other names) :)

    [deactivated user]

      No harm done, hon! I'm just messing with you :P


      It wasn't really intended as a sexist remark I believe, it was probably just a random pick of names :)

      [deactivated user]

        I know he's not sexist and I wasn't really offended. I was just joking, since I had been reading a feminist analysis of Disney movies.


        Bedankt voor het idioom van de week :) Je verdient een lingot :)


        Ja een lingot. Bedankt!


        Dank u! Thank you!


        Once again, excellent! Bedankt!


        Thanks for this explanation, in my native language we have somewhat similar expression :)


        Just out of curiosity, may I ask you what is your native language?


        My native language is Bosnian.


        Bedankt! Deze idiomen zijn nuttig! <3

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