June 10, 2013

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Hi, I'm christian. It's coming the world games 2013 in colombia, so many people (turist) are going to come here. I'll be a volunteer, and I have to speak with them. Someone wants to speak with me? I need to practice. :D

I could if you want

I speak English fluently (I'm currently learning Spanish). I can help you if you want.

Hey, how's it going?

hello i want to speak english and i need your help, i can to help you to speak spanish

Gracias, eso me ayudaria mucho. De donde eres? Soy de San Diego, California. Es "eso" correcto en esta oración?

Thanks, that would help a lot. Where are you from? I'm from San Diego, California. Is "eso" correct in that sentence?

También, es más correcto decir "I can help you" que "I can to help you". No necesitas decir "to" si ya habías conjugado una palabra.

ok gracias por tu ayuda respecto a tu oraciones están perfectas si estas interesado en mi ayuda puedes darme tu numero de teléfono y yo te llamare solo dime la hora.

I want to practice too! :)

Hey, what's up? Today is the last week of school for me and I can't wait for summer!

Call me! I speak Spanish and English hehe: +50432216099

Hi Christian, my name is Herbert, I'm interested in practice my english as well, so if you want we can practice through skype, is it cool? let me know, send me a message ok

Hi!! How are you??

fine, where are you from?

I from bolivia

Fine, and you?

Happy. It´s late good bye

hi how is it going?

Hi, everything is fine. What about you?

hay alguien para practicar

Hola how are you??

Fine, and you?

"hello well" isn't correct; I think you're trying to say something like "I'm fine" or "I'm doing well"

In English of course.

hello yes from he course

hello can i takl to any person

hi ! how are you?

Hi, I need practice and you

i need practice too

hi! what's up? i'm very bad in english jaja

Por lo general, se hace referencia a la idioma misma.

Por ejemplo: "My english is very bad"

O en mi caso, "My spanish is really bad" :P

Hi. It's better to say: "se hace referencia al mismo idioma" ("idioma" is a male noun, even it finishes with "a") ;)

P.D.: Please, correct me if I make a mistake :P

Oh, thanks! I wasn't aware of that. I still have trouble saying "todos los días" as well :P

I don't see any mistakes, except that we say "P.S" instead of "P.D", but obviously that's very minor.

AAAH!.. haahaha!.. xD're right!.. thanks!.. ^^

hello, my name is nicolas and i am chilean

hi nico how are yoy ?

Hello, my name is Karla I am from Costa Rica

hello my name is alex I am from venezuela

Hi Alex, how are you?

Hi Nico!, I'm Nataly :) and I'm Chilean too

la palabra correcta es "here", "hire" es como "contratar"

I need practice, ¿and you?

Remember question marks only go at the end in English

I am a clerk, ¿and you?

Fine, ¿and you?

Hello everybody ^_^

only practicing my english im new ^_^ and tambén meu português =D

hay alguien para practicar por whatsapp mi numero es 3128850271

hi, dianita welcome a duolingo

hey, busco alguien con quien practicar, casi llego al nivel 4!

hi! what's up? i'm very bad in english jaja

Hi, how are you?

hi all, im new in this chat, i want to train more my english talking with people.

A more natural way to phrase it would be "I want to improve my English by talking with people"

Hi I am new too, what's your name?

hi! what's up? i'm very bad in english jaja

hello!! people, my name is eduardo, i am new in doulingo

hello! i'm a new user :)

hello! I too :D

It's "me too", not "I too" for the record

how are you today?

Hi, how are you? i

yo soy un niño - i am a boy

gracias duolingo

hello, mi name is juliana and I am from Colombia

I need to practice with someone, please write me interesting things

who want to talk to me?

Hi there! I´m honduran and I wanna do friends, I love the Videogames, Anime, Draw, Sing, Rock, Reading, Learn Japanesse, English and Spanish too. Someone wants to?

Hi, how's it going? En Inglés se dice "make friends", no "do friends". "Hacer" means both "to do" and "to make", so that's probably why you are confused.

Also, you don't need to say "I love THE videogames", you would just say "I love videogames". The best way to write that whole sentence would be "I love videogames, anime, drawing, singing, rock, and reading, and I'm learning Japanese, English, and Spanish too."

hi. how are you?

Hi... I m from Argentina and I would like speak English with someone. Thanks.

Hi! tengo un grupo de whatsapp para practicar inglés/español si desean este es el link sean bienvenidos :)

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